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Ruskin Hardie

I bring 22 years of IT industry expertise including technical, development, networking, architecture, leadership and management roles. Additionally I am able to bring together a network of IT professionals for medium to long term IT projects. I drive successful outcomes in the delivery of industry best practise implementations and custom solution integration.

My skills and experience

Management and team leadership

Management and team leadership

Worked as the IT manager for General Cable covering their operations in both Australia and New Zealand to manage IT strategy and business alignment. This included all IT policies, processes, infrastructure (hardware and software) and budget of around NZ$3M per annum. As well as managing a variety of IT projects, staff, external service providers and commercial agreements.

Other management duties have included managing business sytems (including ERP, CRM, DataWarehouse, BI, external web sites, internal intranet sites) and development projects and teams.

Development and integration

Development and integration

Have a large amount of experience working with CRM systems (SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics) as well as with ERP systems (mainly with Baan/Infor). Plus quite a few years developing with .NET (both C# and VB), JavaScript, HTML/CSS and some older technologies (such as VB for Windows, classic ASP).

Integration work has consisted of variety of different integration infrastuctures. Such as integrating data from disparate sources into a centralised data warehouse repository (as well as integrating between various other different systems such as ERP and CRM), and integrating between different applications (including both third party and custom written applications) into a central framework, sharing common themes and security.

Business analysis and business processes

Business analysis

Having worked quite a few years within commercial manufacturing organisations, I understand the end to end business processes. Previous experience as an analyst programmer (as well as being responsible for a number of business processes) I can easily see where effective and efficient use of technology can make a difference in facilitating business requirements as well as identify areas for process improvement.

With both a technical background as well as experience in analysis and process improvement, I can easily understand business requirements and translate these into functional and technical specifications for a variety of different teams.